At Clarity Press we offer a wide range of custom printed signage products.  A great way to draw attention to your business and display your brand effectively.



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Window Graphics

Don't waste your window space. Window graphics are an effective way to attract attention inside and out and are perfect for promoting your brand or advertising a sale. 




Flags are ideal for retail, real estate, events, trade shows and more. A choice of bases make them a very versatile display, since they are able to be placed or mounted almost anywhere.


Roll Up Banners

Free-standing retractable displays are suitable for trade shows, retail displays and more. These Roll Up Banners are easily transportable and comes in a fabric carry bag.

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Fabric_Wall_EM-17Z(10F).jpgDisplay Wall

Street Signs

Display your brand on various Street Signs, we have a variety of options available. Signage outside on the footpath is an effective way to market your business. 


Fence Wraps

Fence Wraps are ideal for those seasonal construction projects. Transform your event or construction fencing with fence wrap signage. 

Display Walls

Our display walls are easy to assemble and create an instant impression. Perfect for use at trade shows and events as well as for retail and office spaces. A wide range of sizes and options available.