Helpful Hints

At Clarity Press we are all about helping so here's some helpful hints and if you can't find what you're looking for just call or email us.

Paper Sizes

Our Paper Sizes tip sheet will give you the dimensions for the standard paper sizes from A7 to A1 as well as some other common sizes such as business card, DLE and DVD inlay.

Digital Files

Here are a few guidelines for setting up your file for digital printing. This will help with image quality, bleed, file size and more.

Brochure Folding

Are you creating a brochure? Our tip sheet will help you set up your document to the correct finished size for printing and folding.

Booklet Creation

When submitting a job or requesting a quote it's important to make sure your booklet is the correct finished size and has the right amount of pages.  Check out our tip sheet for some help.

PDF Files

Having the correct settings when you PDF your file can make all the difference.  Check out our handy tip sheet for instructions on how to set your Adobe PDF settings for digital print.

White and Clear Ink

Using white or clear ink can give your documents a unique look that makes you stand out from the rest. Check out our tip sheet with instructions for setting your file up to print with clear or white ink on the Xerox Acuity.

Contour Cutting  

 These instructions show a step by step method to create a path that will be used to cut out your artwork from the background (on adhesive stock only).